The mind of an engineer, the heart of an artist, and the spirit of an adventurer.

Welcome to Crystal Parker's [Alias: vertfromage] personal GitHub page. I like HTML5 games and trying new things. My current cumulative GPA is 3.65 on a 4.3 scale. My final term is fall 2023, graduation May 2024

Resume: PDF

Timeline of my progress as a programmer


Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals

As part of the Cybersecurity Training and Work Integrated Learning program through ICTC I have passed the AZ-900 Microsoft exam.Certificate

Guitar Central Shopify Site

Set up a Shopify site for a client. Site

Journey to the East; Silk Road Adventure

Game for JS13K 2023 theme was 13th century. I game in 44 out of 163. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the resizing function... if there wasn't I might have done even better. Play here

Term Project Cloud Computing: Cheat Sheet Generator

An application to make it quick and easy to make math based cheat-sheets for exams. AWS, Docker, MERN stack. Solo project and I got an A+!

Video, Repo

Term Project Advanced Web: StockVision

I was responsible for user authentication for this project. We used MERN stack and NEXTJS. We got an A+! I was the organizer in the group who kept everyone on track to finish on time, as a joke we said I was human resources.

The professor congratulated us on our teamwork saying, "There are a few teams where everything went smoothly and that was clearly not only on each of the skills you bring to the table, but also on the consistent communication you had within the group, great work!" Video


Mr.Brown's Icebreaker Game

Play here! Game collaboration with Curtis Robinson and art by Lomaking

Mirrored Planes

Play here! I made this for JS1024 2022 for my entry I had to cut out the actual game play to make it small enough so it was only an visual experiment that I ended up submitting. I got 24th place.

Js13k games 2022

Incomplete game: Burning Plants Try here I ran out of time and didn't finish. I helped curtis with the decentralized part of his entry though so I feel like I participated this year. Curtis' entry the contract I did for him using the JS SDK for NEAR protocol

Processing Generative Art

Tried making some generative art using Processing

Pretty Punks NFT Developer

I was invited to help as a second developer on the pretty punks NFT team. They wanted to integrate my game into their brand and also see if I could help with some other tasks. They were going to release a free mint of pretty pups. I was working to set up a contract and mint them using a bash script that would automatically mint them to the correct users from a list. Verbash and I had it almost ready when the leadership of the project began to fail and the market began to drop, and it ultimately never got minted even though the images and the code were ready.

Human Guild Game Jam

I made a fun platformer game using LittleJS game engine based on the pretty punks NFT collection on NEAR, it used the NFT marketplace API to pull in the NFT as a pilot based on user account. I got 3rd place, there were only 5 submissions. This is also where I met Curtis.

Pretty Lost In Space


Tutorials for HTML5 games with near

Made some cool NEAR HTML5 integration tutorials for beginners. Unfortunately NEAR has made multiple updates since I wrote it, and the tutorial needs to be updated.

NEARvember 2021

Participated in NEARvember Hackathon. Completed all 12 challenges. Came in 15th and won a prize. Learned how to write NEAR protocol contracts in AssemblyScript and Rust. My first taste of React. Also a big dive into working with the command line.

JS13Kgames 2021

The theme was space. Two games Jeff's Nightmare and Space Invasion Simulator Everyone thought Jeff's Nightmare was better. I also modified a piano project by xem to make the in game music piano playback although I had reviews telling me the sound was too loud, I guess I'll fix it if I use it next year.

Mark Rober's course

Over the summer did an open ended engineering course for kids by their favorite YouTuber. Our final project was a noise traffic light, my father helped with the woodworking and soldering.

Returned to Dalhousie University to take CS credits

First Term in January 2021 for the winter term. Term GPA of 4.22 on a 4.3 scale. 3 A+ and 1 A. Awarded Sexton Scholar. Courses: Computer Systems, Software Development, Intro Database Design and Linear Algebra. Made a video about ray casting for Linear Algebra.


Math Dungeons

Ran a kickstarter for my game Math Dungeons. Not successful, but my kids and some friends' kids have used it.

Java from Tim Buchalka

Started Learning Java from Tim Buchalka on Udemy(34% completed), android app course(35% completed), and his Android LibGDX Game Development(45% completed). Never finished… oops.

COSDEV website

Made a website for COSDEV a not for profit organization.

js13k games 2020

Robot Mission 404 Play here This was my entry for js13k games 2020, the theme was 404. A choose your own adventure game featuring an amnesiac robot. Controls include arrow keys, y/n, and space, theres also a level editor available to coil members, so they can customize their experience. I made the music with ZzFXM by just basically fiddling around until I found something that sounded okayish… I'm not musical, so don't blame me if it's very basic. This was my postmortem

Shiftkey Labs Virtual Covid19 Hackathon

Put together a prototype for a hospital locating mobile web app A lot of fun, I was one of 80 participants chosen out of 255 applicants, our team didn't win a prize, but one of the judges mentioned our project in his closing statements, one of our team members was from bangladesh and our project was meant to solve the problem of patients going to the wrong hospitals.

Captain's Inn website

Made a website for Captains Inn in Alma NB in exchange for a 2 night stay

Mezzanine CMS website

Made a website about the coronavirus


HacktoberFest 2019

Opened up my text based java game for hacktoberfest contributions, lots of fun, 19 total contributors.

js13K Games: Backside Ball

Made a ping pong spin-off game for js13K games first year participating. Play here! Wrote a postmortem.

Ping Pong

Made a ping pong game based on this tutorial

Hacker Rank

Discovered and played with hacker rank. Gold Badge in Java. Profile

Lighthouse Labs

Completed Lighthouse Labs 21-Day Javascript coding challenge.

Built a Canoe for Christmas

Yes it floats, I load it up with 6 people and canoe around the lakes. I purchased the design, led the project and my father provided the work area, tools and ran the table saw. My husband helped where he could. I painted the canvas and oiled the wood after I got it home.

First use of Django

Made a mini-blog site for my kids, no longer up.

Data Science course

MITx 6.00.2x


First Website

Built a website for a small rural church in New Brunswick using Flask Framework. Taken down now but still on the wayback machine

Completed my second programming course

CS50's Introduction to Computer Science HarvardX CS50


Completed my first programming course

Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python MITx 6.00.1x