Recent: NEAR Tutorials

History of my progress as a programmer:

  • Aug 3, 2017 - Completed my first programming course MITx 6.00.1x
  • May 2, 2018 - Completed a second programming course Hardvardx CS50
  • Summer 2018 - Built a website for a small rural church in New Brunswick using Flask Framework.
  • Spring 2019 Completed MITx 6.00.2x, got 87% should have studied, might have done better, good news: I realized that datascience isn’t “my thing.”
  • Did a test run of Django - Set up a cutie site for my daughter to play with… not always running since it’s a free acount on Python Anywhere Check it out! If I make another real website I’ll probably use Django instead of Flask.
  • May 2019 Completed Lighthouse Labs 21-Day Javascript coding challenge. Super easy, really fun, my only complaint being that I didn’t win a prize.
  • May 2019 Discovered and played with hacker rank. Gold Badge in Java Profile
  • August 2019 Secret Javascript Pong game hidden on Dad’s church website Play Here, followed tutorial lots of fun.
  • September 2019 Made a pong spin-off game for js13KGAMES - Contest Page or Play Here. Not expecting to win, it would be nice to get a t-shirt, but with 242 enteries and only 100 t-shirts, a total newb like me hasn’t got a chance. (Update: Didn’t even make it into top 200! Haha, so I bought one!) I’m going to vote for my favorites. Wrote a postmortem.
  • HacktoberFest 2019 - Opened up my text based java game for hacktoberfest contributions, lots of fun, 19 total contributors.
  • Jan 31st 2020 Made a website about the coronavirus using Mezzanine CMS, Update: took it down link points to wayback machine.
  • Febuary 2020 Made a website for Captains Inn in Alma NB for a 2 night stay on my anniversary… unfortunately put on hold due to covid19. Boo hoo.
  • May 2020 participated in Shiftkey Labs Virtual Covid19 Hackathon. Put together a prototype for a hospital locating mobile web app. Alot of fun, I was one of 80 participants chosen out of 255 applicants, our team didn’t win a prize, but one of the judges mentioned our project in his closing statements, one of our team members was from bangladesh and our project was meant to solve the problem of patients going to the wrong hospitals.
  • June 2020 volunteered to set up a not for profit website
  • Started Learning Java from Tim Buchalka on Udemy(34% completed), android app course(35% completed), and his Android LibGDX Game Development(45% completed). Never finished… oops.
  • August 2020 Running a kickstarter for my game Math Dungeons, Info on site: -Failed but at least my kids use it. ☹
  • Returned to Dalhousie University to take CS credits. After Christmas 2021 will have completed 10 required courses… including math ones. Getting A’s!
  • Made a sound traffic light project with the kids to participate in youtuber Mark Rober’s course, the girl’s like his videos. noise traffic light
  • Participated in JS13Kgames 2021 Jeff’s Nightmare and Space Invasion Simulator, everyone thought Jeff’s Nightmare was better. I also modified a piano project by xem to make the ingame music piano playback althought I had reviews telling me the sound was too loud, I guess I’ll fix it if I use it next year.
  • HelloWorld app NEARvember 2021 Hello Features a little html5 sprite I made the first js13kgames I participated in.
  • Guestbook app NEARvember 2021 Guestbook Uses React front end, barely understand it.

Currently Working on

  • Trying to complete as many CS courses as I can remotely.
  • Learning about NEAR protocol to make a cool html5 tutorial for NEAR and eventually a fun game. Tutorial Proposal


  • Publish an educational game
  • Make a fancy Developer’s Portfolio site with fun animations.
  • Get a CS degree remotely using previous incomplete BSc credits to fill in the electives.
  • Take a business course on marketing.
  • Use programming skills and creative ideas to earn a full salary as a entrepreneur.