Crystal Parker


The mind of an engineer, the heart of an artist, and the spirit of an adventurer.

I am an adult computer science student with lots of personal projects and a habit of self-directed learning. I’m looking for remote work as a software developer. As a mother of 4, I am most interested in flexible work opportunities. I am creative and good at problem-solving. I know how to research solutions and read the documentation in order to quickly and correctly resolve issues.

Thanks to my coursework I have become competent with the javascript framework React, NodeJS APIs, and databases. I’m confident with version control both due to my courses and my personal projects.

I’m in my final term of coursework for my Bachelor in Computer Science at Dalhousie. I’m currently working on an honors project with Professor Nur Zincir-Heywood. Our project focuses on the intersection of Mobile Gaming and Security - fascinating stuff! Additionally, I’m participating in a Cybersecurity Training and Work Integrated Learning program with ICTC (Information and Communications Technology Council) to further develop my skills.

I have become skilled in HTML5 due to my participation in JS13kgames and made multiple HTML5 games. I have also completed multiple websites using Python-based Flask and Django frameworks.

Recently, I collaborated on an HTML5 JavaScript game with a senior web developer. The game is integrated with NEAR protocol, which includes PHP, SQL, Rust, and JavaScript HTML5. I originally became interested in NEAR thanks to JS13kgames and participated in a hackathon where I used AssemblyScript, Rust, React, and HTML5.

During my time at Dalhousie so far I’ve had practice with Java, C, C#, PHP, SQL, Python, React, NodeJS, and AWS.

My hobbies are: Canoeing (I built my own skin-on-frame canoe with my father), Hiking, Camping (I own a vintage trailer), Skateboarding, and Fine Art (I’ve done portrait commissions and had paintings shown in a gallery.)